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The course takes place from the 25th September until the 8th of December 2017.

Lectures will be held every week on:
– Monday 12.15 am room F2 (Polo Piagge)
– Tuesday 10.30 am room F2 (Polo Piagge)
– Friday 8.45 am room Windows (Centro di Calcolo)




  • Stefano Magrini: “The Effect of Immigration on Regional Convergence” (23/10/2017)                                              DD_migrations                                                                     G&M_SDD_application                                                                            G&M_SNP_MonteCarlo


  • Sonia Paty: “European Taxation and Fiscal Policy, Coordination and Competion” (07/12/2017) pisacoursev2                                                                                                                                                      Further reading: taxation_trends_report_2017


  • Cristina Tealdi: “The Impact of Labour Market Institutions and Labour Mobility in the EU” (11-13/12/2017)                                                                                                                                                                              labourmarket_mobility_II                                                                                               labourmarket_mobility


  • Sonia Paty: “From competition to cooperation: on the spatial effects of a local business tax policy reform in France”


  • Mario Lavezzi: “Organized Crime,  Corruption and Poverty Traps: an European Perspective”
  • Andros Kourtellos: “Status Traps”


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